DIRECTOR: Matt Eskandari

CAST: Nora-Jane Noone, Diane Farr, Jigsaw

PLOT: 2 sisters go swimming in a public pool. As the pool is closing they jump back in to get a ring which one of the sisters lost at the bottom. The pool owner sees an empty pool and closes up. The girls are now trapped under a fibreglass cover where they have to survive the night. The sisters now spend the night trying to survive the elements and re-build their fragile relationship etc etc.

CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Now this situation is easily avoided. Not only is it very helpful from a health and safety standpoint, it’s also the polite thing to do. If you leave something behind somewhere, whether it be a closing shop, cinema or lets say… swimming pool, you find a member of staff and let them know what you’re doing. If they lock the store not knowing that you’re there, they then have to let you out which delays what they have to do. And that is a ball ache. Even worse if they lock you in and leave, they the poor fuckers will no doubt face a disciplinary, or worse lose their job. All because of your self serving stupidity.

MORAL: Essentially, you need to be careful when planning a trip out. And you must be vigilant of all potential trap-falls as you really don’t want to find yourself stuck anywhere with no means of escape. Especially when with a sibling, they have an unnatural ability of knowing how to piss you off.

INSPIRED BY: The current genre of films that can best be described as ‘stuck and fucked’. (see The Shallows, Open Water, Frozen (a film about people stranded on a ski lift. Not the Disney film)

WILL INSPIRE: More ‘stuck and fucked’ films

REASON TO WATCH: Nora-Jane Noone. You may well remember her as the promiscuous one in The Magdalene Sisters. Terrific actress. Deserves more.

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